Tennis – Why Tennis Players Move Up & Down While Waiting For the Serve

I will explain the reason why tennis players move in an up and down motion when waiting for the serve. Once you understand the reason then it will become clear to you on what needs to be done to eliminate this problem.

When tennis players are waiting for the serve they tend to start this fast up and down rapid movements with their feet and whole body. A lot of tennis players will tell me the reason they do this rapid up and down movements is because they don’t want to be caught flat footed where they can’t move at the appropriate time to return the serve.

Here is the main reason why players do this rapid up and down movement while waiting for the serve:

1. They are speeding up their internal timing to a faster speed.

2. They assume that this internal timing will be automatically done if their physical movements reflect the same level of internal timing.

Here is the reason why the above two steps doesn’t work:

1. Your timing cannot be controlled by attempting to speed up your physical body.

2. It’s like trying to convince your mind to accept the speed and timing that the body is ordering the mind to do.

3. Remember that it’s the mind that controls the physical body and not the other way around.

Note: There is no need to speed up your physical movements in order for you to speed up your timing in tennis. Tennis players don’t really need to speed up their physical movements to improve their speed and timing because there is a simple technique that once you know about and use, will enable any player to control their timing to maximum levels.


The main reason why tennis players speed up their physical movements in a rapid up and down motion while waiting for the serve is because they are attempting to speed up their internal timing.

Amelia J. Bell

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