The London Olympics Games in 2012 hype has officially begun: Charlotte, North Carolina hosted the U.S. and Canadian Olympic Trials for Canoe Slalom in April and Saturday afternoon television broadcasts now feature a variety of pre-qualifying competitions. America’s favorite Olympians are taking over television commercials, billboards and apparel. Michael Phelps […]

The governing body of the Olympic Games is the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They have been responsible for the games since they revived the Olympic Games with Summer Olympics at Athens in 1896. In 1924, the first Winter Olympics were held in France. Games were held in the same year […]

Road to London 2012! Belize Did you know- After its independence, on September 21, 1981, British Honduras became Belize and has competed in the international events -for example Olympics, World Championships, World University Games, Pan American Games and Central American and Caribbean Games- under that name. Like many countries and […]

Alright so, I watched the Olympics, particularly I am intrigued in observe and industry situations simply because I was a star athlete in Significant School and College. My mother likes the swimming activities as she created the US Olympic Swim staff in 1964. My brother also a observe star from […]

It was December of 1891 at a gymnastics class when the unnamed invention was introduced. Dr. James Naismith. a physical education teacher, introduced his class to a new sport. Dr. James Naismith nailed peach baskets to a lower rail on the balcony at both ends of the YMCA gym and […]

Many people follow the sport of basketball without knowledge of its rich history. Basketball, like all other sports, has a unique story of origination. James Naismith created this lively and active sport to provide children and adults with something to play inside during the cold winter months. James was a […]