Media Addiction Quiz for Teens: Do Television set, Video Online games and Pcs Run Your Everyday living?

Welcome to “The Media Era”

Teenagers are paying so significantly time viewing Tv and actively playing with their pc and online video online games that the Kaiser Loved ones Foundation has dubbed this era “The Media Era.”

The latest analyze found that kids aged 8-18 had been observing Tv set, enjoying video clip games, on their personal computers, and listening to tunes for a whole of 6 hrs and 23 minutes Every Working day! Several young ones ended up doing two or extra functions at when. Most of this time is nevertheless invested looking at Television set. Young ones spent just about four hours each individual working day watching Television set. With so significantly time in entrance of Tv set and other media, potentially Kaiser should have labeled it “The Media-Addicted Era.”

What extra Tv, video clip video game, and pc use may well be performing to you

How considerably time you expend in front of a Television, video clip, and computer display is important, simply because these things to do have been linked to being overweight, attention problems (like ADHD), and weak grades. Violent information may well issue you to take violence in your daily life. The sexual articles of many well known demonstrates and games may possibly really encourage you to experiment in advance of you are prepared. The Tv can act as a depressant, stifle your creative imagination, persuade conformity, and simply waste your worthwhile time.

Find out if you are aspect of “The Media-Addicted Technology”:

1. Does your family have a lot more than just one Television set set? Yes [] No []

2. Are you in entrance of a monitor for much more than 2 hrs for each working day?Indeed [] No []

3. Do you occasionally have difficulty acquiring Tv or online video game

jingles “out of your head”? Indeed [] No []

4. Is there a Tv set/online video match/personal computer participating in in your

residence significantly or all of the time? Of course [] No []

5. Do you have a Television set, online video activity, and/or computer in your

bed room? Of course [] No []

6. Is it simple for you to flip off the Tv/video clip recreation in the

center of a favourite exhibit/game? Of course [] No []

7. Do you ever hurry house, ditching pals and family, to

capture a beloved Tv set present, participate in video games, or go on the

computer? Yes [] No []

8. Do you usually consume foods while in front of the Tv,

video clip games, or computer system? Indeed [] No []

9. Have you at any time caught you unintentionally mimicking

a Tv or online video video game character? Certainly [] No []

10. Do you communicate to and participate in with your buddies far more than you

enjoy Television, perform game titles, and perform with personal computers? Indeed [] No []

11. Can you change off the Television, personal computer, and video clip video games OFF

correct now and depart them off for a few times? Sure [] No []

12. Do you at any time mindlessly surf by means of Television set channels or

the online? Yes [] No []

13. Do you have to have Tv, video match, or a computer to chill out right after

a rough working day? Yes [] No []

14. Do you experience edgy, anxious, or “not ideal” if there is no Television,

video recreation, or a laptop or computer enjoying? Of course [] No []

15. Do you check out Tv set, play movie games, and/or participate in on the

laptop much more than shell out time with your loved ones? Indeed [] No []

16. Do you at any time enjoy the Tv, play video game titles, or surf

the net for a longer time than you intend to? Indeed [] No []

17. Do you experience commit as well significantly time with Tv, online video games,

or computer system? Certainly [] No []

18. Have you skipped a particular event with mates or loved ones

due to the fact you were looking at a Tv set plan? Certainly [] No []

19. Have you at any time experimented with to quit looking at Tv set, enjoying video

online games, or heading on personal computer, but were being unsuccessful? Certainly [] No []

20. Do you have issue limiting the time you watch Television,

enjoy movie video games, or go on the computer system? Yes [] No []

*Be aware: Time invested on the computer for research needs does not count:

To determine your rating:

For all questions, apart from for #6, #10, and #11, give by yourself 1 position for just about every “Yes” response and points for just about every “No”. For questions #6, #10, and #11 give by yourself points for each and every “Sure”, response and 1 issue for each and every “No”. Incorporate your total.

Your full: ____________


-6: Terrific! Your Television, laptop or computer, and video clip video games are not in manage of your daily life. You are. But maintain an eye on how significantly time you shell out with these functions to make sure an addiction does not sneak up on you.

7-14: You are reasonably addicted to your Tv set, movie game titles, or personal computer. Maybe all of them. The superior news is that with a minor effort, a record of entertaining non-screen routines, and a acceptable routine you should be equipped to hold your habit under command. “The Tv-Absolutely free Process” also allows you produce a agenda that keeps you busy with enjoyment, aim-centered actions. Observe your dreams instead of staring at a screen..

15-20: Oh dear. You most likely have a significant addiction issue. You may will need to consider serious measures, like having rid of your Tv set or online video video games, to get in regulate of your time. Get started with the gadget which squanders the most of your time. The superior information is “The Tv set-Free Program” was designed to aid even the most critical addict, and can be applied for online video game, or laptop or computer addiction as very well.

Everyday living is too quick to “observe” it go by.

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