Learn How To Lob In Tennis, Yes I Said Lob

To lob or not to lob?

A lob is useful in a number of situations. You can use it to buy a little time when your opponent catches you off guard and you can’t get in position for a groundstroke. You can also lob a shot over an opponent who has come close to the net for a volley. Just remember that your lob should be high, otherwise you may provide your opponent with an opportunity to smash the ball back over the net. Try to lob to your opponent’s backhand side-backhand smashes are very difficult to hit!

Practice this sequence to help you to get to grips with the lob. It’s a useful shot to master, since an unexpected lob is a great way to change the pace of a game.

  1. Hold your racket with the same grip you use for your forehand drive. As soon as the ball comes your way, put your non-racket arm out for balance. Turn your shoulders and take the racket back low.
  2. Step into the ball as it falls. If the ball is low, you can make yourself lower by bending your knees. Swing your racket forward in an upward path. Your racket arm should be slightly bent.
  3. Keep your head still with your eyes on the ball. Try to make contact with the ball to the side and slightly in front of your body. The racket head should be level, and the racket face should be open so you get the best lift.
  4. Finish the shot by bringing your racket way up, across your body and over your shoulder. The better your follow-through, the better your lob. Get back into position to prepare for your next shot.

Lob? What lob?

Once you’ve mastered the lob, the next thing you should do is learn how to hide it! It makes sense-if you’ve developed a secret weapon, you don’t want your opponent to see it coming. Try disguising your lob by using your typical groundstroke backswing. Very crafty!

Backhand lob

Use a backhand lob to scoop up a ball on your backhand side. The basics are the same as for a forehand lob: use the same grip you use for a groundstroke, get down low, and follow-up high.

Amelia J. Bell

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