How to Use Post Sleeves With Your Inground Basketball Goals

Goal Sleeves for Inground Basketball Goals

Goal sleeves increase the ease of installation of basketball goals and give you some flexibility with your system by making it easier to remove the goal when needed. Plus, a goal sleeve can add stability to your goal, which is important during tough play and when winds are high.

Be sure the sleeve you buy matches the width of the goal post. Usually it is best to buy all of the components of the goal at once as most sleeves are sold for particular models of goals.

Their uncomplicated design makes goal sleeves trouble-free to install. Dig a hole, fill with concrete, then place the support sleeve in the center of this concrete foundation. When the concrete sets, place the goal’s support post into the sleeve, then use the supplied hardware to tighten the sleeve. The post will be fastened into the sleeve, hence into the concrete understructure, when this bolt is tightened.

So, this system uses the sleeve, anchored to the concrete bottom, to hold the post upon which the backboard rests. How do you create this effect? Place the sleeve into a 24×24 inch hole that is filled with concrete. Therefore, it is firmly anchored in and encased by the concrete for maximum support and strength.

Wait until the concrete cures, then place your basketball goal’s pole into the sleeve and tighten the fastening bolt. You’re then ready to play. If you ever need to move the goal, take the net and backboard apart, remove the pole from the sleeve and place the pole into a sleeve that is already installed in a different location.

Whether you’re moving your basketball goals into the garage or across the nation, using an inground basketball goal sleeve will make the task easier.

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