Basketball Weight Training – Can You Pass This Quiz?

OK, if you are a basketball player and you want to dominate the court then you know how important it actually is to jump higher than everybody else on the court. If you can jump higher than your opponent then nothing is stopping you from grabbing all the rebounds and throwing down some mind blowing dunks that get the crowd to go crazy.

Basketball weight training is hardly every done right because it lacks the focus on strength and focuses on endurance. This is not what you want if you want to dominate. I will be giving you a quiz so you can see if you actually are training right then i will show you what a great vertical jump program looks likes.

Question 1: When Weight Training For Basketball It Is Best To…

A) Workout upper body and lower body on different days doing a lot of exercises for each.

B) Workout the whole body three times per week.

C) Working in the 10 and up rep range.

D) Working in the 4-6 rep range.

The correct answer to this is actually both B and D. If you workout the upper body and lower body on different days you can only train each muscle group two times per week and you will probably be wasting your time doing exercises that do not need to be dome. Working out the whole body three times per week is much better than only two and you will be focusing on all the lifts that matter.

If you workout in the 10 and up rep ranges you are focusing on endurance, like I said earlier this is the last thing you want. When you train in the 4-6 rep range you will be training for power which is perfect when it comes to basketball weight training.