World Cup Spread Betting

World Cup Spread Betting really took off during the 2006 world cup, due to the huge increase in the number of on line betting exchanges and on line bookmakers. Due to the fact that high street bookies were only able to offer fixed odds bets. On line spread betting companies are able to offer a much wider range of bets including live betting for example during a match while the game is still in progress. This gives the punter the chance to win on all sorts of combinations of things, not just the final score of the game. For example they could bet on the total number of corners in a match, the total number of offsides, total number of goals scored in a match or group and so on.

With the World Cup 2010 in South Africa due to kick off in just over a month, the spread betting companies will be gearing up for what they hope will be a month long betting frenzy which will end on July 11th with the world football champions lifting the world cup trophy aloft. Will it be Brazil every ones favorite footy team, Argentina who can’t be ruled out with the likes of players like Lionel Messi who at this moment in time is surely the best player in the world. He will be looking to prove that fact and hope that Argentina can go all the way. Italy and Germany also can’t be ruled out.

England will also be trying to end the 44 years of hurt as they call it since they last won the world cup in 1966. Whether they have enough world class players to do it this time remains to be seen. One thing for sure Wayne Rooney will have to stay fit if they are to have any chance. One thing for sure with so many variables involving 32 football teams, the spread betting punters and and the spread betting companies will be having a field day. Who will win that little match is anyone’s guess.