When the World Cup is on Might This Not Be a Good Time to Make Wise Life Choices?

Patrick Vieria, the football player, or soccer player, was born in Senegal in West Africa but was a French citizen as well. When it came to playing in the World Cup, Patrick had to choose which nation he would represent and it was back in 1997 that he made his choice and opted for France against the Netherlands.

Life presents us with choices all the time, and sometimes these choices are not all that easy to make. We can be faced at times with difficult choices.

There is one choice which Jesus Christ laid before men and it is one we cannot avoid or escape. No man can serve two masters. You cannot serve God and Money! If you want to check out these true and prophetic words of Jesus you will find them in Matthew Chapter 6. Note too that making the right choice does away with hating!

That was a passage I had to memorise at Primary School in Perth well over fifty years ago. These were in the days when teachers had us memorising the Word of God. We have wandered far away from that.

These teachers were giving us a basic grounding in the fundamentals and they may not even have realised they were doing such a vitally important task.

Many have made the bad choice and are serving money and money is a bad master. Why do people make bad choices and choose to serve bad masters? That has baffled me for years.

Jesus also taught that in order to serve Almighty God, we have to deny ourselves and what we might want and desire, and give and surrender our lives to Him for His leading and guidance and direction.

He will never mislead and he will never guide anyone to go astray.

If we choose to serve ourselves and have total control over our own lives, and do whatever we please whenever, that can be the recipe for disaster.

When we choose to serve God and when we seek to let Jesus lead and us and direct us that can result in a totally different type of live where we live under the care and compassion and blessing of God.

Such choices affect us in so many ways. People do not realise what they are missing when they turn their back upon God and His Word.

Going back to the opening paragraph it would be like Patrick Vieira trying to play for Senegal and France in the same World Cup tournament. It is not feasible and it is not possible.

Choose this day whom you are going to serve. Choose wisely. Choose in such a way that the consequences will be the reward and blessings of Almighty God upon your life and even the life of your family.

Sandy Shaw