War Games Online – Choose Your Own Type

Have you ever played Mud and Blood, Dinowars, Chrome Wars, or Space Combat? You are probably oblivious of what these are but they are called war games. These games revolve around various kinds of military actions – whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

Probably, the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear of war games is Warcraft or maybe DoTA. But there are hundreds of these games online. And basically, they are classified into the following types: historical or recordings of the past, theoretical, fantasy, or sci-fi.

Historical games generally make up most of the war games online. They try to symbolize a rational estimate of the real strengths, topography, and other tangible factors imposed on the game players. Some historical games are Mud and Blood, Palisade Guardian, and Pearl Harbor. In Mud and Blood, you engage in the WWII battlefield as a squad leader in a randomly generated scenario. In Palisade Guardian, you defend your base from the invading WWII soldiers. And in Pearl Harbor, you become a Japanese fighter jet pilot assigned to take it down – the event that brought about WWII.

Theoretical or otherwise known as hypothetical war games, on one hand, are founded on the actual recordings in the past but are associated with wars that have not actually taken place. A very good example of this type is Empire Wars. In this war game you build your own empire and have to manage it from the growth of the population, the availability of their raw materials or natural resources, the possible explorations, food availability, and a lot more, of course including war.

Fantasy war games are basically games which are made out of the creator imagination without really considering scientific concepts. It does not follow a specific baseline and therefore this classification is quite broad. Few examples of fantasy are Blood Arena and Divine Generals. A game of combat and battle between humans, fantasy, and mythological creatures is Blood Arena. You will build up your own guild with warriors and creatures and fight against others in your quest for supremacy. In Divine Generals, you construct buildings, increase population, produce resources, and take over enemy cities.

Science Fiction war games, however, are games which are based on scientific facts or theories which involves the evolution of human race and technology. Sci-fi does not have to be entirely dependent on scientific concepts because some might be altered, but doing too much alteration will make it fall under fantasy. Some examples of Sci-fi war are Space Combat and Chrome Wars. This is a robot-based war game where you will power up your robot and get ready for war. You choose to attack or defend in order to ultimately take down all of your opponents.

So, now that you are informed of the different types of war games online, it is now your turn to choose and play the war games of your choice!