US Tennis Fans Expecting Roddick to Rescue the US Tennis

After the Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras eras in the ATP circuit the US tennis fans have high expectations in Andy Roddick who is pretty much the youngest American star and who has by far achieved the most success. Despite the fact Roddick has not been completely remarkable in the latest tournaments he has won ATP titles and a Grand Slam. This week’s tournament the Countrywide Classic, Andy has been seeded as the number six.

Many believe Roddick still has lots to give to the tennis world and especially to the United States but he does not seem to be on the right track as after reaching the number one spot in 2003 he has not able to be in the number one spot once again. That same year Roddick achieved his maiden Grand Slam in New York City. Right after this period Roger Federer became the world number one and the Spaniard Rafael Nadal the world number two in the ATP circuit.

One of the reasons Roddick quickly descended from the top position was the fact that he lost in three Grand Slam finals during Wimbledon in 2004 and 2005 and the U.S. Open in 2006 to the Swiss master Roger Federer. Nevertheless, Roddick has incredible potential but he has not been able to find the right coach to achieve more titles.

For the moment, Andy Roddick is the highest ranked American tennis player currently placed in the 6th position. On the other hand, there is James Blake another American who is very close to Roddick, he is in the eighth position followed by Mardy Fish who is number 40.

Despite the fact Roddick is a young player with potential the tennis professional career is not very long. Roddick’s age of 25 years is considered middle term for a professional tennis player; he is estimated to have a couple more years at the top seats. Certainly, a victory in the Countrywide Classic and a good performance in the upcoming 2008 U.S Open Series could boost his ranking in the ATP circuit.

Moreover this year Countrywide Classic will not be played by the top-five players of the world, leaving Andy Roddick as the favourite to win the competition. This tournament is very important and winning it would help Roddick to gain confidence and will mean good news for the American tennis fans.

The current tennis campaign has not been very successful for Roddick but he was able to include additional achievements to his curriculum as the Dubai Championship defeating Nadal, a victory over Federer in the Sony Ericsson Open and improving his record against Federer 2-15.

Following the Dubai Championship, Roddick decided to take separate roads from his 2-year-term coach in a very unexpectedly manner. Also, after Dubai he faced injuries and other negative aspects. During the Rome Masters Roddick had to withdraw due to a back pain. And during the French Open he had a shoulder injury and more recently in the Cincinnati Masters, Andy pulled out of the tournament as well due to the same injury which had not fully healed.

For Roddick the coming tournaments could mean his rise or fall in the rankings from the top ten list therefore it is very certain we will see a lot more of Andy Roddick on the American hard surfaces in the coming days while the players get set for the final Grand Slam of the ATP race.