The Role of FIFA For the World Cup 2010 Qualifiers

The main role of FIFA in the World Cup 2010 Qualifiers is to implement the process of qualification. They will be the one who will officially work on choosing who will make it for the FIFA World Cup Finals. The FIFA World Cup Finals is considered to be a very famous event known all over the world. The qualification is being used to lessen the huge number of the aspiring participants ranging from about 200 teams and reducing them to only 32 teams.

The World Cup 2010 Qualifiers will be assessed through the qualifying tournaments to know who will be the aspiring teams that will make it to the FIFA World Cup Finals. These tournaments are scheduled to be held inside the six FIFA continental zones like Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America plus the Caribbean. The tournaments are organized through their specific confederations. In each tournament, FIFA will outright decide how many spots will be awarded for each continental zone of course based on the respectable strength of each confederation teams.

Before every hosts of the World Cup will automatically occupy a permanent spot in the finals. World Cup previous results and continental championships are not recognized or put into account due to this, unlike the other sports that are known in the world. It was until 2002 that an automatic spot was given to defending champions. In 2006 World Cup defending championship need to enter the qualifying games too.

In 1934 and 1978 there are only 16 teams for the qualifying round, and since over the years there is an increasing number of teams qualifying for the finals, it increased to 24 teams between 1982 and 1994 and finally making it to 32 teams from 1998 and such qualifying requirement scheme has been the official format throughout the whole history of World Cup.