The Germans Made it to the Euro 2008 Finals

The Euro 2008 Finals will be held at the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria on June 29. Since Germany won over Turkey last June 25, 2008, this made the Germans to make it to the finals. The game over Germany and Turkey had several injuries and suspensions for the Turks. The Germans had been beset throughout series of jaded play. The Germans have healthy players and much more experienced ones, while the Turks matched the Germans with teamwork and spirit.

During the first half of the soccer game, Turkey did not show that they are outclassed or outmanned; instead they kept the pressure to ruin the German’s defense.

Whatever German soccer coach Joachim Löw told his team during halftime seemed to effect, as Germany came out of the locker room playing more energized and whole heartedly. Although Germany managed the game, Turkey on the hand tried hard to keep up on the track. Both teams had chances but were never able to transfer it and the ball spent much time in one end as the other.

As much as the Turkey attempts to win the game, they could not apply their magic on the Germans. The Turks were so tired and had several injured players, as well as exerted much of their energy just to get even to the Germans. Germany won the match 3-2 despite the Turkey’s last minute comebacks which moves the Germans to the Euro 2008 Finals.

Whoever will win the match between Russia and Spain will get a chance to meet the Germans on the finals in Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna on the 29th.

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