The Christian Olympics, Going For the Gold Crowns by S E Gregg

The Christian – Working the Race

S. E. Gregg captures the contagious excitement and the aggressive spirit of the Olympic online games in the book “The Christian Olympics: Likely for the Gold Crowns.” Gregg attracts the reader into the thrill of participation in the competitors and training of Olympic competitiveness vicariously though implementing non secular software for athletes in the Christian race.

The Christian existence parallels Olympic competitiveness in numerous ways. Teaching and willpower are as crucial to the daily life of the Christian as they are to the Olympic competitor. The Christian retains healthy as a result of spiritual workouts, strolling by religion, stretching by religion, and practising the willpower of obedience to God’s will.

Gregg incorporates arranging procedures for functioning very well with unique recommendations for all phases of existence. Making use of the scriptures as the supply the writer offers recommendations for getting equipped for the level of competition starting with what to have on. The Bible describes the whole armor of God this way. Prayer is our respiration training and the very first step to becoming equipped with spiritual items. Routines, trials, exams, aches, pains, and reproach are all a component of the preparation for stamina to finish the race properly.

Olympic winner are present trophies made of bronze, silver, and gold at the awards ceremony. These are only temporal crowns. In the Christian Olympics the awards involve: The Incorruptible Crown, The Crown of Rejoicing, The Crown of Righteousness, The Crown of Life, and the Crown of Glory. These Crowns are eternal. Gregg’s crafting is entertaining, inspirational, and motivating. “The Christian Olympics” is expressive, Biblically audio, and tough. Enable the Game titles Began!

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