Sports Psychology And Tennis: Nine Reasons Why Roger Federer Can Win Twenty Majors

Roger Federer can still win major tennis titles.

Here’s why-

1. He appears to be in excellent physical health. He has had few injuries as compared to other players, given the length of his career.

2. He plays the game in an effortless way. I have never seen a male tennis player make the game look easier. I believe he has a lot of energy and great matches in “his reserve tank.”

3. As John McEnroe noted, Roger Federer continues to work on and improve some aspects of his already great game, even at age thirty. McEnroe felt that some of Roger’s strokes were better than ever. And he also explained that Federer remains hungry and eager to continue to excel and to win.

4. He seems to have a stable family life and a reliable support system. Some athletes become distracted when they become fathers. Federer may be one of those who competitors who find increased motivation from the presence of his children.

5. Other great players like Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors have shown that tennis greats can win in their early thirties.

6. If Federer were to play any of the top ten players in the world one hundred times, I believe he would still be able to win fifty per cent of these matches. He is still a player who would be hard to bet against in a major. While Federer may not be a force to be reckoned with on clay against Nadal, he is still outstanding on the grass and on hard courts.

7. Federer remains emotionally quite level when he plays. Most of the time, you can not tell if he is winning or losing by his demeanor and his body language.

His presence and attitude also appear the same no matter who he is competing against. He is, most of the time, unflappable.

On the other hand, Andy Murray, another frequent rival, still seems to have trouble controlling his emotions on the court.

8. Nadal, one of Federer’s main rivals, may be injury prone because of his physically intense style of play. Djokovich also may be injury prone due to his physically demanding style of play.

9. Federer’s recent return to the number one ranking may also inspire him to continue competing. If he is on the court, Federer still has the physical and mental tools to beat anyone. I think he will win three more majors before he retires from the sport.

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