Smarty Pants – Trivia For Everyone by Electronic Arts – A Video Game Review

Smarty Pants – Trivia for Everyone by Electronic Arts is the perfect party game for old and young gamers alike. This is a trivia game that will ask you questions related to your age, so young, mid-aged, and old gamers can all compete against each other at the same time. Who says that the Nintendo Wii is only for little kids?

The trivia questions are very varied, featuring categories from world history, sports, entertainment, science, and many more. With over 20,000 different questions that can be asked of you, the fun and excitement of playing this game will never end.  But questions aren’t asked in the normal question and answer style.

You’ll be asked to spin a wheel to determine what question will be asked of you, or have a tug of war against another competitor as to what the right answer is. The interactivity capabilities of the Nintendo Wii are used to its full potential in this game. What’s more, this game allows you to use your own Mii avatars, so you can play as yourself in the game.

Remember that this game like all trivia games are better played with others- especially fun others. There are 2 gameplay modes in this game. Firstly, there’s the countdown type where you are rewarded with higher points for answering correctly faster. Secondly, there’s the wager type where you and your opponents shoot at plus (+) and minus (-) symbols in order to determine the amount of points you get for a certain category.

Each gameplay mode has its own charm, but the point is this game us super fun to play with family and friends. If you want to have fun too, then buy a copy of Smarty Pants – Trivia for Everyone by Electronic Arts.

Amelia J. Bell

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