Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Vs Fifa 2009

Well the time of year has again approached where the two rival football games go head to head in the Christmas war. Who will come out the most successful? Who knows, only time can tell. But let’s have a look at both games and rate each one.

Fifa 2009

First we take a look at Fifa 2009, the game which is highly anticipated every year looks to have improved itself on the game play side of things. From the start Fifa have this time wanted to get the game completely right, they begun the creation of Fifa by gathering criticisms from gamers and critics and it has sure paid off.

The game is much more improved then as of previous years, including ball physics and the collision system. You can also switch the camera view to any specification that you would like. But it does not end there, Fifa have made some amazing additions to the game such as the Be a Pro Seasons mode, the Adidas Live Season, and the 10-on-10 football. This all sets Fifa up to potentially dominate the football games industry once again.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Well pro evolution soccer look to have put its gear stick on full throttle, and have realised they needed to bring back the game that won so many peoples hearts on the PS2. The game play is very much similar to that of its golden days, but it looks as though PES have not really considered the graphics side of things very well.

But the positive site of things is that the game play is very natural in itself and not to mention that they have the UEFA champion’s league licence, they also have Manchester Utd’s and Liverpool’s licenses, but besides from that the rest of the players have obscure names.


Well in my eyes there can only be one winner, Fifa’s new revamped look and game play over the last few years has set them up to dominate the gaming industry. There graphics completely trumps over those on PES, and with Fifa owning a lot of the unique licences, PES still has a long way to go. The once dominating football game for the PS2 has been outwit and outrun by the all so mighty Fifa.

This being said though, the overall game play of PES does still grow on you after a while, but as technology progresses that just is not enough and more needs to be done.

Compared to all other football games these two knock the socks off the rest.