Practice Makes Perfect – What We Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

Don’t you just love watching the Olympics? Even sports you know nothing about become interesting during the Olympics, especially when you learn the stories of some of the competitors. Every sport has its inspiring stories of competitors who came back from injury or personal tragedy and rose to the top of their sport. These stories of overcoming hardship make the sport more interesting, and we love to cheer for the competitor who had to overcome life’s difficulties.

One thing is for certain – all these athletes became world-class competitors only after thousands of hours of practice. Day in and day out, regardless of how they felt or what the weather was like, they were out there practicing their sport with single-minded determination.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Every top level athlete trains mentally as well as physically. At the highest level of competition, it’s usually the athlete who is the toughest mentally who wins the gold medal. It’s one thing to be able to perform amazing physical feats in practice, but to remain calm, focused, and perform up to your full potential when it’s all on the line at the Olympics requires tremendous mental strength. As with physical skills, mental toughness can only be developed through constant practice.

Practice Makes Perfect.

What are these mental exercises that lead Olympic athletes to glory? Positive thinking, affirmations, and visualization – the same tools you can use to spur your own success and happiness.

Set a goal, believe with all your heart that you can attain it, and affirm and visualize that you are on your way to achieving it. And keep practicing! When your mind rebels and says, “You can’t possibly accomplish that…you’ve always been a whiner and complainer…you’ll fail at this, too, just like you blew your latest diet,” calmly tell it to pipe down and redirect your mind to something positive. Be patient with this process. It takes years of practice for Olympic athletes to reach the top, and mental training takes time as well.

As you practice, remember the athletes who overcame hardship to reach the Olympics – the ones we take to our hearts and hope they win. The world will cheer for you as well, when you forge ahead with courage and a smile despite your tests and trials.

What are you practicing? If you are constantly thinking about your troubles or your faults, all you are perfecting is a negative attitude. Instead, make the conscious decision to practice staying positive in all situations and make your dreams come true!

Practice Makes Perfect.

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