Own A Piece Of The Treasured Memory In A World Cup 2010 Ball

Sporting events all over the world are a part of history, and we follow them almost religiously. Most of us are familiar with the men’s national association football and all the majority of teams. The World Cup remains the most viewed sporting event with approximately seven hundred and fifteen million people watching. A championship has been awarded on a four year basis beginning in 1930. There were two years in which a championship could not be awarded because of the Second World War, and those were 1942 and 1946. Spain holds the current title, and the next championship is due to be help in Brazil. Own a piece of a victory by purchasing a World Cup 2010 ball.

The Adidas Jabulani is the official ball for the 2010 World Cup. It meets all required standards by the International Federation of Association Football. Adidas has been making high-performance balls as far back as 1963. This particular ball features eight panels with provide many sweet spots for the player.

South Africa became the host of the event for 2010. They had barely missed becoming the host during voting during 2006, and were very pleased to have the honor. Five different African nations had placed bids to host the event including Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia.

This ball has been decorated with the eleven colors that represent the eleven different languages of South Africa, eleven South African communities, and the fact that there are eleven players on the field. It was not only tested in the lab, but was tested on the field as well. It is truly a high-performance ball to be either used, or displayed.

The name Jabulani itself means to celebrate in Zulu, and it is certainly time to celebrate for Spain. Collect a piece of history to display in your home, or to enjoy on the field. Enjoy the beauty and precision of the perfect ball that is meant to be gripped, and fly through the air as well.