No Major Change in the Set of Rules for Tennis Game

Your nerves may not get down when you listen about the tennis game because it is one of the most popular games of today. Though there are various other games like Cricket, Football, badminton, Polo and Golf yet none have the quality and enjoyment like the tennis. If you are interested in playing such game, you just require the least number of equipments as compared to the other games. Tennis games require only the racquet and the ball. It is practically possible to use such formats which are essential in playing such a quality and standard game. In a tennis sport, if a person is playing against the other one, it is known as singles. The case may arise when a pair of two men or a woman and a man plays against the other pair and it is popularly known as doubles. Al these formats are growing and the popularity is continuously increasing.

This is the only game which is known for its oldest rule because its two of the rules have been only changed or transformed in 1908 and 1960. It seems just impossible but it is definitely a fact. This tennis game was originated in England in the beginning of 19th century and thereafter, it is gaining popularity unlike the other games. You may be able to play games of tennis either in your home or sports center in the city where you are living. The rules framed in 1980 are still being followed by the players these times and hence, tennis has been one of most oldest and ancient games. Some things which always remain the constant are the rules of game, number of umpires, position of referee and the equipments used in the game.

There are some standard rules which are followed while manufacturing the racquets for a tennis game. You have to make them oval in shape so that ball is deflexed with a great momentum to pass the string chart and the strings are made of graphite or carbon fibers in the present days. In the previous time, it was made of wood or animal cortex fibers for enhanced support and flexibility and toughness.