Nintendo DS Console – The Next Generation Gaming Platform

Video game developers keep releasing more and more models of gaming console models these days and people are becoming very consumptive in buying such next generation game console. A lot has been written and said about the latest technological innovation in today’s modern world of gaming. And the floodgates of ultimate fun have been opened for all gamers with the introduction of some new and innovative games such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS console.

It is Nintendo-the well-known video gaming company-who creates the second one. And it was redesigned again by Nintendo, known as Nintendo DS Lite which is slimmer and lighter than the previous version of DS. Nintendo DS system comes with dual screens, an ideal example of a truly high-end gaming console. One can use the touch screen to access an inventory reference to view maps of his favorite game, for role playing games and for navigating the menu.

This console uses two ARM processors as its central processing unit. The main processor helps to process 3D rendering of the console. On the other side, the secondary one processes the 2D rendering for the DS games and Game boy Advance game play. Nintendo DS console uses a proprietary solid state ROM which is called “game card”. In that main menu, the gamer will find the options include: play a DS game, initiate DS Download Play, use PictoChat or play a Game Boy Advance Game. Giving the features that the console has, and with all the high technology put in to the platform, it can obviously be said the Nintendo DS is a highly advanced gaming console.

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