NHL 09 Be a Pro Tips

Playing NHL 09 in Be a Pro mode is something we’ve been dreaming of in a hockey game for many years. Geeky yes, fun hell yah! Getting the hang of it and trying to figure out why your coach is always telling you how crappy you are can be challenging. Try these quick tips to improve your game.

Position Score

If you play hockey in real life, you should be able to figure this out fairly easily. Positional play is everything in the game of hockey and being in the right spot is what counts.

  • Follow the blue arrow. If you haven’t a clue where you should be, follow the big blue arrow that will appear and show you where you should be. After awhile, you should get an idea of where you should be with every type of rush, offensive or defensive.
  • If you’re a winger, try playing your side as much as you can. Playing the opposite wing, unless the big blue line tells you too, will really make the coach cranky.
  • If you’re playing defence, don’t go below the offensive face off circles. Your job is to play the blue line in the offensive zone and play lower near the goalie in your own zone


Being a good team player means more than just scoring goals and passing the puck.

  • Pass the puck. If you don’t pass, your team will hate you.
  • You can call for the puck with Right Trigger, but remember that if that pass is intercepted, you WILL get dinged for team play points for causing a turnover.
  • The largest factor in this scoring is timing your line changes. You should only be changing when your team has the puck, and preferably when you’re moving up ice and not already on the attack.
  • Don’t change lines when you’re in your own zone. This will kill your team play rating big time.


Stats is really how you look on the scoreboard versus just how well you played. You could potentially ignore the other 2 categories and still get an A+ in Stats if you’re scoring and getting assists.

  • Scoring a goal will definitely make your coach happy.
  • Getting an assist will also help you out a lot.
  • Besides scoring goals and getting assists, you want to fulfill your role. If you’re a checker, check. If you’re playing defence, block shots.
  • Get a great +/-. You get +1 for a goal scored while you’re on the ice and a -1 if a goal is scored against you. Stay on the positive side and the coach will like you.

Amelia J. Bell

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