Make Money by Playing Video Games

You are going to learn to have a nice income by playing any type of video games from different consoles like: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, with your computer, etc… You are going to learn how this is possible, and if you love playing video games, this is what you have been looking for.

What is a game tester?

To put it in simple words, a game tester is a person that works with different gaming companies to try out different new games before they are released to the market, in order to make sure that the games have no errors or glitches, and from their services they get paid, plus they keep the copies of games they have tried and they can make $150 dollars a day.

How much money do businesses in the gaming industry make?

The gaming industries are making billions each year by making videos games, and this thanks to game testers, because if people played a game with errors, they wouldn’t like it and the word would travel across gamer communities everywhere, and the company that made that game would lose a lot of money.  

What do I need to be a game tester?


You don’t  need a degree or experience. You have plenty of experience by already playing video games. You just need to put that experience to use, by trying games and making a nice income out of it and start working with the different gaming companies that are looking for you. Because they need you and you need them. So is a win-win situation

What do I get from these companies?

* You’ll receive new games to try.

* You’ll get paid by every game you try.

* You’ll get news about the company and information about new games and products.

Now is time to take video games to a new level and become productive by becoming a game tester and having a nice income from it.

Amelia J. Bell

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