Importance of Being a Girls Basketball Role Player

Believe it or not girls basketball is a team sport. A team may consist of 12-15 players. Within those players, five will start the game and the rest will be on the bench. However, the 5 that start the game are not more important than the others.

The emphasis and the stardom are normally placed on the individual that scores the most points. But understand that person is simply filling a role. Just because you’re not the person always being talked about in the paper, don’t think you are not important. There is a need for someone to pass the ball. There is a need for someone to defend the top offensive threat on the other team. There is a need for someone to rebound the ball. Let us not forget about the motivator on the team that pumps you up. When a team goes into a zone defense, there is a need for someone that can shoot 3 point shots consistent. Or when a team goes man-to-man, you need an effective person to drive to the basket.

In college, I did not lead my team in scoring nor did I lead the team in minutes played in a game. I was actually at the bottom of both stats. However, my role was just as important to help my team to a conference championship and a spot in the NCAA Women’s basketball tournament.

Understand that a girls basketball team is made up of role players. As long as your role contributes to the team being successful is all that matters.

Amelia J. Bell

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