How to Choose a Tennis Ball Machine

So you want to buy tennis ball machine? That’s a good idea if you’re planning to purchase one. A tennis ball machine is a great partner to practice your moves and grooves inside the tennis court.

You may have a tennis coach with you but you coach won’t be able to help you prefect the strokes that he or she tells you to perform. With a tennis ball machine, you can get the basics from your coach and then you can practice for several hours using your throwing machine.

What’s even good about a ball machine is that you can use it for workout. You don’t even have to think about real tennis moves but just get your body moving to keep you fit and healthy. Tennis has been known to be a good form of exercise especially for those who want to lose weight.

If you’re going to buy tennis ball machine, choose well. There are many brands that cost over $1000 which are quite good with features that could really improve your skills. However, there are also some that are under $1000 but could give you the same quality.

The best kind of tennis ball machine is one that has settings for speed, direction, spin and intervals between ball pitches. This kind of machine sounds advanced but it is actually good for beginners.

It’s the beginners that could mostly take advantage of the settings of this kind of machine because of settings from low to high. Advanced users would only want to use the advanced settings, anyway. The beginners, then, could use the machine from when they are still beginners up until they become advanced players.

A tennis ball machine is a perfect gift for someone who is just learning the sport. If you are able to purchase a machine that is durable enough to last for many years, then that would be money that is not going to be wasted.

It’s not only the controls that you would want to take a look at. Tennis ball machines also come in battery – operated ones and pure electric. You would want a machine that can be battery operated so that you won’t be hampered by just looking for an outlet in court. There are even some courts that don’t have a ready outlet so that’s going to be a problem. Choose a machine that can be both battery operated and electric. The battery-operated ones can last up to 3-4 hours of non-stop usage. There can be also a few that can last up to 10 hours like the Tennis Twist but that’s not as heavy duty as you would want in terms of features.

The best brands are Sports Tutor, Playmate, Silent Partner and Lobster. They all provide good controls and settings. These brands are also known to be durable and transportable. If there are any flaws to these brands, expect them to be minor ones and wouldn’t greatly affect your training. Though these are the best brands, models that are less than $1000 are also available.

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