Global Taekwondo Companies

Throughout the earlier decades taekwondo has come to be a quite popular activity. All varieties of competitions and tournaments have emerged from a local to a world level. It has also just lately turn out to be an Olympic activity, main to a hierarchy among worldwide taekwondo corporations.

By considerably the most popular one is WTF (Entire world Taekwondo Federation). Launched in 1973 the South Korea based mostly group is the leading authority in Olympic taekwondo as member of Worldwide Olympic Committee. The firm has a very long history of far more than 30 yrs and is comprised of users from 182 Nationwide Associations from five environment areas: Asian (ATU), European (ETU), Pan American (PATU), African (AFU) and Oceanian (OTU)

Also a big participant in the discipline of taekwondo is ITF (Intercontinental Taekwondo Federation). Started in 1966, ITF main proposes are to take care of the tournaments and seminars, set the specifications of training and assists to make sure the correct certification and position. At the base of their values and understanding stand the most significant books about taekwondo art and practice: “The Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do” in 15 volumes and “The Korean Artwork of Self Defense” also acknowledged as the Condensed Encyclopedia, each penned by Standard Choi Hong Hi.

The American Taekwondo Association (ATA) was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. by Haeng Ung Lee, in 1969. With each other with Songahm Taekwondo Federation and Planet Conventional Taekwondo Union they comprise just one of the premier taekwondo businesses in the planet, summing up to extra than 350000 customers. ATA is popular for working towards sogham Taekwondo in their affiliated schools. Sogham usually means “pine tree and rock” and compares the university student understanding taekwondo with the advancement of a pine tree.

WTF is the most important of all the taekwondo corporations thanks to its Olympic standing. Throughout the earlier yrs the way it functions has turn out to be far more democratic, having developed into a composition able of balancing international anticipations. I assume that WTF is now on the proper keep track of and will go on to be as extensive as it retains its Olympic standing. After normal Choi’s loss of life ITF break up into three organizations: ITF Vienna, ITF North Koreea and ITF Canada, all saying to be “the actual” ITF. This even so experienced a harmful influence on ITF’s worldwide prestige affecting its impression. Quickly apparent from its title, ATA is a predominantly American firm. This condition stops it from acquiring true intercontinental recognition.

It is my impression that taekwondo will generally have lots of unique designs and will be represented by a significant number of corporations. I base this assumption by the way this variety of affairs are affected by economics, nationwide procedures and the unique viewpoints of influential people.