Girls Basketball Recruiting Tips

Being recruited to play college basketball is exciting yet serious. A lot of time, effort and money are on the line. Use these tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

Don’t wait on your high school coach -understand the process yourself!

This is your future. Do not rely on your coach to do everything for you. You and your parents need to be involved in the entire process. Do not put your future in someone else’s hands. Know what is going on.

Start Early!

Do not wait until your junior or senior year to learn about obtaining a college basketball scholarship. If you know you have potential to play college basketball and you have an interest in playing college basketball, start as early as your freshman year or sooner investigating the recruiting process.

Study College Basketball Programs!

Understand that college coaches will eventually be trying to get your attention just as much as you’re trying to get theirs. Study how college teams play. Study the coaching styles. Study how many guards and post are juniors and seniors.

Attend NCAA Certified Events!

The more you play in front of coaches the more they get to see how talented you are. Just playing your regular school schedule is not enough to be seen by coaches. There are certain events that hundreds of coaches attend to see talent.

Have an idea of what you want from a college academic and athletic program!

Where would you like to play college basketball? Close to home or away from home. Does the school have the academic program that you desire to get a degree in?

Does the school provide academic support or tutoring if you need it?

These are some questions you should have in mind while going through the recruiting process.

Understand the recruiting calendar!

There are specific times that college coaches can contact you. Be aware of when this is.