Girls Basketball Recruiting – Five Tips You Should Know

Are you dreaming of playing basketball at the college level? Do you want to make sure your playing days are not over when your high school career is over? Girls basketball recruiting is a very competitive process, but a process where you can come out on top if you learn the ropes.

If you want to be recruited, here are 5 Tips you should know about the girls basketball recruiting process:

Tip # 1- Don’t wait until your senior year to get serious about being recruited. You should begin the recruiting process no later than your junior season, but your sophomore season is really the right time to get started.

Tip #2- Don’t count on your coach to help you get recruited. Most high school coaches don’t have the expertise nor the motivation to help you get recruited by college coaches. If your coach is helping you, consider yourself fortunate.

Tip #3- Attend some college games at various levels of play. Attend some Division I, Division II, and Division III games. Try and determine what level of play is going to be right for you at the college level.

Tip #4 – Play AAU basketball in the summer. Playing AAU or USSSA in the summer will help you develop your talent, see how you measure up against other talented athletes, and possibly even get you some exposure to college coaches.

Tip #5- Develop an athletic resume and become an expert at girls basketball recruiting as well as marketing and promoting yourself to college coaches.

Girls basketball recruiting is every much as competitive as recruiting is for boys basketball. The very best talent gets snatched up early by the major colleges and universities. Ladies who get recruited to play at these schools usually don’t have to worry about making sure college coaches know their name. By the time they are sophomores in high school, every college coach in America knows about them.

For all the other athletes, there are still plenty of opportunities. Colleges at all levels are involved in girls basketball recruiting and they also need quality basketball players to make their programs successful. Not everyone can play at UConn, Tennessee or UNC, but there are plenty of smaller colleges out there where your basketball skills and talents are needed…and wanted!