Getting Better Results In Your Tennis Matches

Attention all tennis players.

If you are a competitive tennis player, make sure that you take down some notes from this article.

Because in it.

I am going to share with you 3 things that you need to focus on before, during and after your tennis matches.

So, let’s get right into it.

1) Pre-Competition.

This is where you get in your training.

Both on the court and off it.

As a matter a fact.

“If you have been competing in matches for a while, you need to focus more of your time on mental training before your matches”.

The reason?

Because you need to be able to handle the pressure that competition brings to the table.

Many junior players have talent and all the strokes in the world.

But, they can’t execute those strokes when they are facing pressure in competition.

Can you relate to that?

I thought so!

2) During Competition.

Learn how to execute your strategies and tactics during play.

It’s all about finding out how to win and execute your strategies in your matches.

Which takes a lot of times and mental effort.

Always see yourself winning in your mind before every match!


Train yourself to adjust your tactics when you need to and flow with whatever happens in your matches.

And you must trust in your pre-training.

If you are getting the results that you want, the problem is with your planning and pre-match training.

3) Post- Competition.

Okay, win or lose.

Get by yourself after the match and write down what happened in your tennis journal.

Just get it all down on paper.

Be honest with yourself too.

Your journal is for your eyes only, so keep it real and make a note of what you need to work on in your next practice.

Then make sure that you get the work in.

In summary.

The 3 keys to getting better results in matches are…

Pre-match planning and training.

Then you need to focus on execution during your matches.

The last tip is the post-match review.

Try to combine all 3 of these together and focus on mastering each one of them as fast as you can.

Concentrate on each one as best you can and you will some get better at doing it.

By the way.

There are no shortcuts to this process.

You need to have all 3 of them working together as a team and you being the leader of that team.

One more thing.

You should never look at any phase of this process as a failure.

It’s only feedback, so make the needed adjustments and keep improving on your effort.

Okay, now.

It’s time to get to work my friend!