FRWC Forex Robot World Cup Royal Trader Review

Is the FRWX Royal Trader from the recently concluded Forex Robot World Cup Royal Trader competition a scam? I am sure that if you are like me and have been researching Forex products long enough, you are probably receiving new offers of new robots for sale in your email every day. There are dozens of new Forex EAs being created and made for sale every day, but I am not surprised that many of them do not actually work.

1. Is FRWC Forex Robot World Cup Royal Trader System Another Marketing Scam?

Most of the EAs are just rubbish products being marketed with the promise of real Expert Advisors’ profit capabilities. Yet, many innocent victims are falling for these scams every day because of how professional and convincing their websites have been designed. With a legitimate and professionally maintained EA, I am now able to generate an income from home simply letting the robot run on autopilot while I simply update its settings typically twice every day.

2. How Did Automated Forex Expert Advisors Come About?

The idea of programming automated robots only came about very recently after professional traders began hiring programmers to automate their trading systems. The traders would write down the logic and conditions of their trading methods, while the programmers would program these rules into programs called Expert Advisors.

There are also traders who program their own robots because they have the technical expertise to do so. In the FRWC competition, only a total of 24 of these EAs made it to the live trading stage, out of which 1 of them won the competition with a greater than 140% winning trades rate.

3. Do The Robots In the FRWC Forex Robot World Cup Competition Really Work?

The transparent results on the website of FRWC, along with the explanation of how each robot works, certainly show that the results are credible and truly work to make above average returns.

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