Finding a Perfect Notebook for Gaming

There are a ton of laptops and notebooks on the market, with each of them used primarily for online gaming applications. The gaming market is huge, with several top brand companies developing more and more notebooks specifically for use with online games. These manufacturers often target their marketing efforts towards gamers, who usually are not afraid to spend big bucks when it comes down to getting a notebook that provides them with a performance advantage.

With all these choices on the market, it is very important for you to break down exactly what attributes are critical to ensure your gaming experience is not delayed due to performance issues.


The most important asset a good gaming computer can have is the graphics card and making sure it is compatible to which games you play most. Simply put, you can’t play most online games with an inferior graphics card. The best graphics cards on the market based on price and quality are the Nvidia GeForce 500 series as well as Radeon’s HD 6970 and 6950 series graphics card. The graphics card is what powers the monitor to show all the detail of the game, which is what most gamers need to make their gaming experience most enjoyable.


Some people believe that you need to have the fastest processor to make sure you can keep up with the fast moving games online. However, the most important asset your processor can have is a good dual core processor which can process more information per second as opposed to straight processing. So, make sure not to skimp on this detail. Having the right processor will ensure you can play any game out there efficiently.


You’re going to use a ton of RAM when you play online games, so you need to make sure your laptop has top-notch RAM and a fairly decent sized Hard Drive or SSD. Most online games require at least 2 GB of RAM to ensure smooth play. By having a large Hard Drive or SSD which can bring up data quicker enables the computer to handle the amount of data needed to operate these games without delay. Since most online games involve quick response, this is an area where you will need to spend money to give you a complete package.

If you stick to making sure your notebook has a good Graphics Card, Monitor, Processor and RAM, you should have no problems playing any online game to the best of your ability.

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