FIFA World Cup 2006 – All Star Team

Goalkeeper – Buffon

He again proved himself as the best goalkeeper on the planet. The saved he made against Ukraine to preserve the Italian lead were second to none in the world cup. He commanded 18 yard box with supremely authority and coordinated well with the changing Italian defense match after match due to injuries and suspensions.

Left Back – Lahm

He was the revelation in the German defense, though not the unexpected for the one who followed the brilliant one pass Stuttgart team under Magath. In this tournament he came of a age making defining tackles, invading opponents areas with those brisk run and sending inch perfect crosses. The goal he scored in the 6th minute of the tournament was one of the best of the tournament.

Center Back – Cannavaro

With a whole frame of just 5 feet 9 inches he was the man mountain of Italian defense. He read every single move the opponent thought of. Making every single tackle required and still had the discipline to last the whole tournament. No wonder he was the man who picked the golden trophy in the end. Though he didn’t win the Golden ball but two goals conceded – one from an own player and one from penalty spot is not a bad return for hardwork.

Center back – Carvalho

He did what he so magnificently does for Chelsea day in day out – tackling can winning the ball in own third. He put his body in the line of attack and never shied away from the crucial tackles. His full bodied block of Cocu shot against the Dutch just epitomized his commitment towards his art. No wonder Rooney thought of the easier way of getting rid of him.

Right Back – Maxi Rodriguez

The goal against Mexico booked his place in the all star team. He played brilliantly in the very talented Argentinean side making runs though the middle and outside. The two goals against Serbia summed up his acumen for goal and that bolt in round of 16 was arguably the best goal of the tournament.

Holding Mid-fielder – Pirlo

He is the difference between the numerous Italian sides which so often failed in big tournaments and this one. He passed 90% of his passes correctly, delivered that killing ball against Germany in the semi-finals, scored the immaculate first goal of the Italian side in world cup against Ghana.

Man of the match in both semi-final and finals speaks for itself about his performance in the world cup.

Right Midfielder – Valencia

He is the least celebrated player in our star 11, his magnificent ability to beat defenders on right and sending terrorizing crosses were the only reason that Ecuador able to defy bookers prediction of going out in the world cup after group stage.

Left Midfielder – Robben

He was the only shinning grace in the miserable Dutch performance at the world cup. His goal against Serbia and Montenegro set the early momentum for the Dutch side. Another defense splitting run against Ivory coast send the Dutch into knockout stage.

Attacking Midfielder – Zidane

This is the most controversial choice but he has to be here. He played some of the best football by rolling back the years. He lifted the French side on his shoulders and took it all the way but one step when the moment of madness cost them dearly. This world cup will be remembered for Zidane, for all his beautiful skill and that ugly moment similar to ‘Hand of God’ by Maradona.

Striker – Klose

He deserves to here by winning the golden boot and scoring 5 goals in successive tournaments. The two he created for Podolski against Sweden were also moment of beauty in this world cup where strikers were all at the bay.

Striker – Torres

This is the surprising selection but Torres showed us the potential of what a beautiful striker he is. The goal is scored against Ukraine from the edge of 18 yard box or the one by chasing the Fabregas pass against Tunisia were from the top draw.

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