Farmville Game – Farmville Dairy Farm

Farmville is a game application which originates in Facebook’s community social website. Facebook is a website much like MySpace, but focuses more around playing small game applications and connecting through groups and common interests.

What is the Farmville game?

It is a game application as we have stated can be played on Facebook by installing the game and linking it into your profile. No download is required to play it, it is specifically browser based community games.

The main focus is to grow a successful profit making farm, and help your friends with their farms.

How do I play Farmville?

You have many different options in game play. The key basics are that you want to raise animals, grow crops, and sell or harvest your produce to buy more assets for your farm.

When playing with your friends you may choose or change your neighbors, your farm has 4 sides and each side can link to your favorite friends farms. You may also leave your friends messages and comments through the sign posted on each farm.

A new asset which has been added into Farmville is what is known as the dairy farm. The dairy farm is a building which can be purchased with either premium dollars you receive by donating money to the application or around 10,000 coins which you earn through harvesting your produce.

What is the benefits of using a dairy farm in Farmville?

It is a building which you can use to house your cows and save yourself some extra room on your farm. Each one holds up to 20 cows and improves the amount of time it takes for the cows to give milk.

There is also the chicken coop which works on the same basis, it holds up to 20 chickens and increases the amount of time it takes to produce eggs to sell to the market for profit.

How many dairy farms can I have on my farm?

When it comes to the dairy farm you are currently limited to one farm per user although this may change in the near future. Although if you are buying your farm with premium money instead of coins than you can use as many as you would like.

Are their any other applications on Facebook like Farmville?

The company which designed Farmville has also designed many other applications which work around similar styles, such as Fishville. Fishville is an application where you can make your own aquarium tank, grow and raise your own fish, then either sell the adults or breed the babies for profits.