England World Cup Songs – The Best and Worse

This summer the attention of football fans all over the world will be on the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Hopes are high that England have a successful campaign but many admit the real money is on Spain or Brazil. Previous England campaigns have begun with a pop song which triumphantly proclaims that the trophy is pretty much in the bag and there’s not much point in anyone else really turning up. England end up getting knocked out in the early stages and we all have egg on our faces.

Who could forget these gems:

Back Home by The England World Cup Squad – 1970

The entire England squad squeezed in to a tiny recording studio for this effort. It reached number one in the charts and stayed there for three weeks. A marching band added a droning backing track.

World In Motion by England and New Order – 1990

Co written by Keith Allen, this track also features the famous John Barnes rap. Recorded during New Order’s heyday, it’s a fine tune with a hilarious interruption by MC Barnes. A final verse encouraging players to practice penalties wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Three Lions – England, Baddiel and Skinner and the Lightning Seeds.

Originally recorded for Euro 96, this quirky slice of Brit Pop actually translated on to the terraces and became a well known England chant. The ‘Thirty years of hurt’ lyrics tugged at the hearts of England fans and the song was a huge hit twice.

Vindaloo – Fat Les

Another Keith Allen anthem, Fat Les also featured Blur bassist Alex James. ‘Vindaloo’ is a parody of the En-ger-land chant. Also recorded in 1998 the track divided opinion with it’s hooligan style chants.

It looks like Fabio Capello won’t be encouraging his England squad to get in to the studio this summer, he sees it as an unnecessary distraction and he’s probably right. That said, I do hope Keith Allen’s got something up his sleeve!