Creating an Outdoor Basketball Court

If you are into basketball, you may also have one wish in mind just like the other basketball lovers. That is to be able to play your favorite sport in your own home through backyard basketball court. So if you plan to have a court in your house’s backyard, you can do the following procedures to make this wish happen.

Measure your lawn and see the size of backyard basketball court that you can fit on it is the first step that you can do. If your lawn is big enough, you may have a full basketball court like the outdoor courts that others have or just half court if it is not big enough. Measuring the area will help you get the right number of materials to use for the court.

Second, you have to check the level of the ground where the backyard basketball court will be installed. Your game will be affected if you play in an unleveled ground since you will not be able to control the direction where the ball will bounce. Apart from the game, there is also an increased chance of sustaining accidents through tripping.

Next, you have to dig the hole where you will place the pole. The diameter should be three times larger than what the pole has while the depth should be 14 or 15 inches in height. This is will help the pole to be buried deeper on the ground that will ensure stability.

The fourth step is to place gravel inside the hole. You will need to fill the hole with gravel up to the six or eight-inch mark. However, you have to be certain that the gravel is leveled before putting in the pole. The purpose of the gravel is to ensure proper drainage on this part of the pole.

Next, you have to put in concrete mix in the hole. The amount of the concrete mix should be enough that it will fill a height of three up to four inches. Again, you need to be sure that it is leveled inside the hole so the stability of the pole will not be compromised.

The last step is to put in water in the concrete-gravel mix inside the hole. Aside from these two components, the soil dirt or that you dug up will be placed back in the hole and finally seal it. Remember to read the guide mix package to know the appropriate water amount to be used for the mix.

Once all these steps are done, the next thing for you to do is to let the seal dry and then do the opening game for your brand new backyard basketball court. As a result, you can call your basketball enthusiast friends to play and then watch the game after in your home.

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