Computer Gaming and Use of Mind Controlled Gaming Technologies – It’s Here

It has been predicted by more than one futurist that soon our computer games will be played without joy sticks and controllers. That we will be using human motion and mind controlled devices, not only to communicate with the system and other players, but also to control our avatars within the game. Sounds cool right? Well, for many mother’s I guess they might have reservations about all this. As a think tank coordinator I too wonder about all this rapidly advancing technology and what it means for our future – the future of our overall society and civilization that is.

Indeed, there was an interesting article recently on Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence News Online which was posted on May 5, 2011 and titled; “Flying by Mind Alone” – which seems to suggest that the future of computer gaming is going full-tilt “augmented reality” controlled by one’s own brain. The device is called the “Infinity Simulator” which is very telling, makes me wonder if once a person starts playing they will never want to stop or be thrust into the game as a prisoner until that game is over.

In the article it stated that the system uses an “EEG headset with a 3-D theatrical flying harness allows that users to ‘fly’ by controlling their thoughts has been created by a team of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students.”

Okay so, that’s pretty cool, and you’ll have to wear a silly device on your head, but the thing actually works, and although this is just in the engineering, designing, and research phase you can bet that it will be brought to market by either Microsoft or Sony, or perhaps a future competitor who will leave the two mainstays in the dust and sell hundreds of millions of gaming devices in the next decade or so. I’d bet this technology is available to the public within the next five-years at a very low price due manufacturing economies of scale.

If it were available now would you try it? I guess my only concern is that I’d want to make sure that it wouldn’t damage my brain. Yes, I bet those doing the research are wondering the same thing, and they will try to make it totally safe.

Of course there will be copycats, and other companies trying to develop similar technologies who may not care about the health and safety of the individual player’s brain. Therefore I wonder when the FDA will get involved along with the FCC and the Mothers Against Violence and Sex on Computer Games (MAVS) in an attempt to regulate the computer gaming future. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.