Cleaning the Diamond Tennis Bracelets

It is important to clean the tennis bracelets regularly to make sure that the sheen and brilliance of the bracelets remain the same whenever you use them.

It is easy to clean the diamond tennis bracelets. Here is what you need:

• A small bowl

• Some mild detergent used to clean the dishes

• Some warm water

• A piece of cloth free from any sort of Lint

• A mesh strainer; and

• A toothbrush with soft bristles

Now that you know what all you need to clean the diamond, here is how you should clean the tennis bracelets:

Step 1 – Dip the bracelets into the Water

You should create a mixture of the dish detergent and warm water in the small bowl. Dip the bracelets into it. Only an inch of water will do and the detergent should be just enough to make bubbles.

Step 2 – Let the bracelet Soak

You should leave the bracelet to soak in the bowl filled with water for almost 15 minutes. This will help to make sure that the smallest of debris and dirt particles get away.

Step 3 – Scrub the diamonds

After taking the bracelets out of the water you should gently scrub the diamonds with a toothbrush. You should move all around the diamonds while being really careful with the prongs.

Step 4 – Rinse the bracelets

Next, you should rinse the bracelets in warm water. The rinsing should be done over a mesh strainer. Using the strainer you can easily catch all the loose diamonds that can easily fall off during the cleaning process.

Step 5 – Pat the tennis bracelets dry

You should then pat the bracelets dry with lint-free cloth. It is always careful to make sure that the fabric is not caught on any of the prongs.

Step 6 – Finishing the job

To finish with the cleaning you should first pour the soapy water through the strainer. It is to be done very carefully to make sure that no loose diamonds have fallen out. However, in case the diamonds are already loose and they fall out in the bowl while you rinse the bracelets. This is why you use the strainer to catch the diamonds. Once you catch the loose diamonds you can have it re-set by a professional jeweler.

If you use this method you will be able to clean your diamond tennis bracelets thoroughly without any problems.

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