Best Mario Nintendo DSi XL Model To Buy

Every year Nintendo released a new handheld right around the holidays. They usually release a new model followed by an exclusive model which has been a Mario Limited Edition Nintendo DSi for a while. I have just checked Amazon and there are now 4 NEW models that are ALL being released right around the holidays. This is MUCH more than years in the past.

Every year the MARIO Limited Edition version sells out and instantly becomes a must have for collectors. This year there are 4 different types of Mario Limited Edition DSi. Which one do you get? Well it’s too early to tell but I have a good feeling that they will ALL sell out and become highly wanted. I will go through all the Mario Dsi’s that are being released now and WILL become highly collectible.

25th Anniversary RED Mario DSi XL

This is the newest and biggest DSi. This is a very special limited edition DSi for 2 reasons. 1 it is brand new. 2 It is the 25th Anniversary of Mario and comes in RED. This is the ONLY way to get a RED Dsi XL. It also comes with Mario logos on the top of the DSi XL and also comes with Mario Kart. This is a win-win. Nintendo confirmed that once this sells out, they do not plan on releasing it again. MSRP is $180 and it is still available. Gran yours know before it sell out. You will thank me.

White DSi Mario & Luigi Bundle

This is another limited edition DSi (not XL) in white and is already sold out in most stores. It was released in April and can’t be easily found at the moment. This DSi comes with Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Another great DSi to keep an eye out for.

Orange & Green Holiday Nintendo DSi

These 2 bundles are the newest colors for the DSi. They come in Green and Orange. Both are very nice colors and both are the holiday exclusive DSi’s for 2010. Both also come with Mario Party DS.

So there you have it! There are 4 Limited Edition Mario Nintendo DSi and XL gaming systems being released this year. I personally think that all 4 will sell out. If you have some extra cash to spend I suggest you invest in these systems. If you want to read more about hot products to purchase, please check out MY BLOG.

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