Basketball Goals – What Are Your Options?

Basketball is one of the most versatile, popular sports in America. It can be played by toddlers and senior citizens alike. Basketball gives you the option of one on one play, a game of HORSE, shooting hoops on your own, or a full on game. With so many options, learning the basic skills of basketball can give you the ability to participate in a fun activity for life.

When it comes to basketball goals, they may all look the same to the untrained eye. Just a rim and a net right? Wrong. There are different types of basketball goals depending on what type of play you are interested in and what level of play your basketball goal will be used for. The three most popular types of goal are fixed, flex, and competition breakaway goals.

A fixed goal does just what its name implies. It stays fixed. A fixed goal does not give when pulled or hit against and it is sure to last. This type of goal is for those who won’t be attempting many slam dunks since it does not flex when it is pulled on or hit against. A fixed goal is durable and strong. It will last through many seasons of play. It is ideal for play that won’t be aggressive.

A fixed goal is perfect for those who love practicing their shots through repetition. Whether you are practicing free throws, three pointers, jump shots or even the crazy backwards over your head shot, a fixed goal will give you the reliability you need. The durability of the goal and fixed mounting are great features to have in a basketball goal.

A flex goal is what is used in college and professional basketball. If you will be playing competitive games with aggressive, intense play, a flex goal is a good choice. Flex goals are durable, yet they flex slightly when pressure is applied. Most flex goals hold pressure up to 200 pounds. Your team can slam dunk as many times as they want with a long lasting flex goal.

A flex goal is important for competition play because it can reduce injury. It can reduce the amount of impact injuries when the playing gets intense, since it is build to flex when hit against. The flex goal is ideal of those who want to practice but also play some competitive games. This gives you a great goal for both practice and competition.

A competition style breakaway goal is the ultimate goal. This goal can handle a huge amount of pressure; up to 230 pounds. They are made to breakaway if needed and many can breakaway from any angle. This type of goal is build for the most aggressive team play. If you want to do more than practice or play some neighborhood pick-up games a competition style breakaway goal may be just for you.

As you can see, not all goals are the same. Choosing the right goal for the type of play and player is important. Choose the goal that is right for you today and start a great game of basketball today.