Basketball Goals – Different Types and Styles

Basketball goals are available in both fixed and flexible styles. The one you choose will depend on whether the basketball team will be playing inside or outside, and on some other requirements.

In a situation where your team will be playing indoors but the gym is also to be used for volleyball or other sports, a system like the FoldaMount 46 option gives you some flexibility. When you need to have extra space, this unit can swing to the left or the right for storage, without the need for ladders or tools. Basketball goals of this style can also be adjusted to give you a wall-to-backboard extension of anywhere between 4 and 6′ to align with the markings on the court.

Moving the FoldaMount 46 is easy. An adjustment crank is provided so that you can loosen the adjustment screw when needed. Once the screw has been loosened, you can grab the rim with the hook on the crank tool and give it a tug to slide it into the wall. Once you have the unit in place, the screw can be tightened to hold it in that position until the next basketball game.

The Legend system is another example of a fixed goal system. This is a rugged unit outfitted with 6″ square, 3/16″ steel tubing. It can be used outdoors on a playground or on an indoor basketball court. For safety reasons, the net is set 66″ behind the backboard. The extension arm can be fastened with bolts at any height along the post that you choose. Add pole and backboard padding for extra safety when you buy this unit.

The SuperMount80 is another example of a wall-mounted basketball goal. Like the FoldaMount 46, it can be adjusted (between 6 and 8′ from wall to backboard), depending on your needs and the court the team will be playing on. This type of basketball goal system can be used with the backboard of your choice.

When you are interested in adjustable basketball goals, the Vector system provides the flexibility you need. The height can be fixed a height of 7-10′, depending on the age and skill level of the players. This option is a good one where you are looking to place the basketball goal close to a wall or any other kind of obstruction. The Vector allows users to make adjustments with crank positioned at the front of the unit, as opposed to at the back. When space behind the hoop is at a premium, this system works well.

The Powerhouse Challenger system features a 5″ x 5″ vertical post and a “Y” shaped extension arm to give you 30″ of offset from the post to the backboard. Adjust the rim height by turning the EZ-Crank handle. This unit can be used with glass or acrylic backboards, as desired.

With the variety of basketball goals available, you will be able to find one that will be perfect for your needs, whether the team plays the sport in the gym or outdoors.

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