Basketball Conditioning – The Absolute Best Basketball Conditioning Workout Period!

If you are looking to play basketball with a level of conditioning that your competition will never match then you will like this basketball conditioning drill. I am pleased to introduce to you the kettlebell swing and sprint combo! Get ready for a serious muscle and sprint conditioning workout!

To begin this basketball conditioning exercise you must have the availability of a single kettlebell of moderately heavy resistance and your basketball court. If a court is not available then an open flat field marked off at 25 yards will do just fine. Begin the drill by executing a series of 50 double arm kettlebell swings at one end of the court or field. To execute the swings, initiate the hip snap movement by fluently and constantly flexing and extending at both your knees and hips.

This creates the much needed momentum to help you swing the kettlebell back and forth from between your legs up to chest level like a pendulum. As soon as you complete the 50 swings immediately set the bell down and sprint to the other end of the court (or 25 yard marked field) and back. Allow yourself a rest interval of about a minute and a half before repeating the process. Attempt to execute 10 rounds of this and watch your newly introduced basketball conditioning drill elevate your game like never before!

I have been training athletes and top notch fitness enthusiast for a long time my friend and I promise that if you don’t include the kettlebell into your own personal series of basketball strength and conditioning workouts then you are only cheating yourself. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only champions train smart!