A Football Souvenir For the World Cup – What Are Tomorrow’s Antiques?

Remember 1966? You might not. Perhaps you’ve seen the grainy footage of Geoff Hurst banging in the fourth goal in the Cup final against Germany and the commentator saying ‘They Think It’s All Over, it is now’. Well this is 2010 and we are all hoping for England to do well in the World Cup in South Africa.

Anyone with a ticket from the 66 World Cup or a programme from the final is the owner of a great football souvenir. Even programmes and tickets for the games from the early rounds can fetch good prices. This kind of football memorabilia changes hands for a lot of money and football gifts from each world cup final become more collectible with time. In 1966 the England players were all awarded medals when they won the competition. In 1998 Bobby Moore’s wife Tina, who was married to Bobby for 21 years sold his medal at auction to secure the financial future for herself and her two children. The medal was estimated at between £60,000 to £80,000.

Shirts signed by players during the big tournaments are also highly treasured by collectors, as are match day balls.

On a smaller scale, any product that was made specifically for an event like the World Cup will, if kept in a decent condition, gain value with age. In 1966 the mascot ‘World Cup Willie’ was everywhere, available as a soft toy, a jigsaw puzzle and even endorsing breakfast cereals. Nowadays a collector with ‘Willie’ merchandise from 1966 is able to see items for hundreds of pounds.

Serious collectors buy products and don’t even take them out of the boxes, ensuring they retail their value and authenticity. Who would have though movie merchandise from the original Star Wars films would be so valuable today. The same can be said for football souvenirs from the World Cup.

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